TheraScan uses a simple and transparent pricing model. There are only three components for a standard study:

Site license: Each site in a study requires a $129 per month license to use the shared TheraScan system. Each study has a dedicated logical repository.

Monitor license: Each monitor using the system requires a $179 per month license. This license allow access to any study the monitor is authorized to access. The license includes setup and maintenance of the mobile-phone-based secure token that supports two-factor authentication.

Study setup: Therapeias will setup each study based on client specifications. Site setup specialists are billed at $100 per hour with a $4,000 cap per study. This charge is currently waived for new customers. Hard costs like travel and direct expenses are in addition to the setup charge and will be authorized by the client prior to being incurred.

There are additional costs if a client elects to utilize a dedicated server, needs equipment for environmental or inventory tracking, specifies proprietary dedicated programming or requires two-factor authentication for study staff. These are infrequently needed and will always be discussed prior to incurring the charge.

As an example, a phase II study with ten sites (eights clinical, one lab and one manufacturing) would cost $1,290 per month, currently with no setup charge. If the study has two monitors that are not currently authorized on the system there would be an addition $258 charge per month.

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